Program Overview

Affiliate Program Overview

Financial Services Affiliate Program

Without the right credit scores, it's difficult to help your clients get into favorable loans. Many with poor credit may even be denied a loan altogether. The Financial Services Affiliate Program has been created to help you turn clients with poor credit into qualified buyers. As an affiliate, you'll not only earn money for each referred client acquisition, but you'll know when these clients are ready for a loan, so you can earn more. Here's how the program works:

Our program is simple

You don't have to be a credit expert to help your clients, just direct them to us and we'll take care of the rest. Here's how it works:

Becoming an affiliate is free. Simply click on the "Become An Affiliate" button, fill out the required information, and you will have access to refer your clients to Lexington Law. Become an affiliate.
Getting your clients enrolled in credit repair is easy. Click on our "Direct a Client" button and provide the basic contact information for your interested client. Be sure to include your affiliate ID number and name.
Once you have submitted your interested client's information to us through our unique "Credit Tool" one of our highly trained paralegals will call your client for a free, no obligation credit consultation. In this consultation a paralegal will discuss all the credit repair options offered by Lexington Law.
At the conclusion of your client's free consultation, our paralegal will assist them in signing up and opening a credit repair case with Lexington Law.
Lexington Law will work with your client and assist them in the credit repair process.
As an affiliate you will receive regular email updates on your client's cases as they make progress with Lexington Law. In addition to this you will have the ability to see a detailed review of your client's through the Client Intelligence System (CIS) available upon enrolling into the affiliate site.
Ultimately your client will be able to return to you with a higher likelihood of qualifying for a loan. As an affiliate you will be able to provide more financing options, truly offer a solution to those clients who feel as though they may not have one, and be a part of a life-changing event.

Pay Structure

Earn $35 - $75 commission

Our competitive affiliate payout is based on volume and quality. Please call for more details. You get the other boxes when you hover over each step on the graphic.

Payment will be processed on the 15th of the month. For example: If an affiliate refers 10 clients who enroll for Lexington Law Credit Repair service in June, the commission check will be mailed out on July 17th (the following month).

Questions and Answers

You can track your client's progress by logging into our exclusive Client Intelligent System (CIS) (Your client must enroll with your affiliate id number to be placed in the CIS). Using CIS, you will see when recent deletions have happened and when/what disputes are in progress. Because Lexington Law is a law firm, our clients receive attorney client privilege.
Affiliates can access printable flyers, web banners (ID automatically embedded), logos and other items of creative by signing into the affiliate site once you have become an affiliate. It will be your responsibility to place banners on your website and print your own flyers. Any additional marketing/advertising must be approved prior. Marketing Materials can be accessed after you login at
All Affiliate referrals will be associated with an Affiliate ID. Lexington Law does not market competing services to clients that are referred by an affiliate using the affiliate ID.
If after enrolling in either the traditional or ScoreBoost™ credit repair service your clients should have questions about their service please have them contact the paralegal assigned to their case. Affiliates acting on behalf of the client may likewise contact the paralegal assigned to the case or contact the legal dept of Lexington using the AFFILIATE ONLY help line at 866-382-8565 or by email to
After clients enroll online or by phone they can expect a welcome call from a Lexington Law paralegal within 24 hours to explain how their case will proceed. If they miss this call or are unavailable they may call Lexington Law using 800-341-8441

Next, a welcome email will also be sent introducing the paralegal assigned to the case and further instructions:
  • They will be instructed on how to obtain credit reports and then forward them to Lexington Law. Affiliates may send credit reports on behalf of the client as well to, reports must be attached as a PDF file only.
  • How to complete Dispute Valet on the client website
  • How Lexington sends disputes to the credit bureaus
  • What to do with correspondence from the credit bureaus
  • $99.95 initial payment (day 5-15 of service)
Yes, we do have a 2nd Tier program. To refer an associate to the affiliate program have them go to and click "become an affiliate." They will need to enter your ID in the "Referring affiliate ID" box at the beginning of the form. As the parent affiliate, you will receive a $10 override on every Lexington client enrollment generated by the affiliates in your network.
If you learn that a client has mistakenly enrolled in Lexington's service without using your ID please follow these instructions: 1.) With the client's permission, please email their name and 6-digit case number to (You must include your affiliate ID). 2.) Inform the client that Lexington will email them a letter pertaining to your request in tracking their progress. 3.) Once they complete the steps outlined in the email and agree to give you permission to view their account, you will then be able to track their progress using your Client Intelligence System (CIS) or CreditReady.
Lexington ScoreBoost™ is designed for those home buyers who miss qualifying for the most favorable rates by just a few credit score points. ScoreBoost™ focuses on the five underlying factors that affect your credit score during the 75-day program. Our customized ScoreBoost™ service adds several client-centered methods which are specifically designed to assist your clients in improving their credit score. Access to Lexington's specialized score coach paralegals is provided via a toll-free Score Coach Hotline and this targeted, personalized counsel is intended to positively impact your clients scores. The other levels of service offered by Lexington Law Firm (the Regular Service, Concord Standard and Concord Premier) are exceptional programs which have also yielded phenomenal results. These three levels of service are more deletion driven and Lexington Law Firm recommends utilizing one of these services over twelve months instead of 75 days.
The success of this program will be determined by how participative your clients are in applying the tools that Lexington Law Firm will provide. Many affiliates have not only enjoyed great success with their own credit repair service, but have had great success referring others.
Our goal is to complete the ScoreBoost™ process in 75 days. Upon completion of the 75 day program, clients may opt in at no additional cost for 60 days of credit bureau disputes, credit score improvement analyses, and law firm correspondence. Results may vary.
Lexington Law is the trusted leader in credit report repair for a reason: we make the process easy and effective for our clients. Lexington Law leverages your consumer rights and our unparalleled experience to engage the credit bureaus and assist with your credit rating. We work on your behalf to challenge the questionable items from your credit reports. Debt consolidation is the process of combining all outstanding debts in one loan account. The purpose of debt consolidation is usually to lower monthly repayments or lower interest rates. Credit Counseling is advice given by professional counselors to people about how to use credit responsibly and how to get out of serious debt. Debt negotiation is where a third party may negotiate with creditors and establishes a payment plan on behalf of the debtor. Rapid rescoring typically speeds up the natural cycle of credit report error correction and score improvement by recalculating the score based upon evidence of an item appearing incorrectly on a report. Rapid rescorers often charge exorbitant rates for minimal service.
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